Getting To Know The Denelsbecks


Today is National Get To Know Your Customer Day. We’re celebrating by highlighting #TSRVFamily members, the Denelsbecks. Last summer, Patty and David journeyed into RVing with a @Granddesignrv Reflection 260R. Patty was kind enough to share why their unit was a perfect choice and a favorite feature, along with some of their coolest on-the-road adventures. 


Get to know Patty:

How did you become interested in RV travel? “Due to travel restrictions abroad, we decided it would be easier to travel around the United States”

What do you love most about your RV? “At the end of the day, we enjoy coming “home” to our place instead of a hotel room.”

What was your purchasing experience with us like? “It couldn’t have been easier. No pressure.”

Why did you choose your specific RV Model? “We wanted a couple’s trailer. It’s the perfect size for us, not too big or too small to stay in for any length of time.”


Does your RV have any special features? “It’s a half-ton fifth-wheel, smaller than most others made.”

What do you love most about RV Travel and the RV Life Style? “We love exploring other areas of the country and meeting new friends. The RV lifestyle is such a simple way of life.”

What was the most beautiful site you saw on your travels? “We just started to travel, but so far probably the sunset in Naples,  FL. We are heading out West to Montana in May so I’m sure the sights out there will be fabulous!!”


What is your funniest memory from your RV travels? “Probably the time we pulled into an RV Resort/Campground and we both just looked at each other and laughed because the RVs were crammed in like sardines. We laughed and said there is no way we’re going to fit. But, we did!! And it ended up being our favorite place that we stayed. We even had a gator in the lake behind our trailer!!”

Have you met any new friends through your travels? “Yes, we have!! We have been keeping in touch with them via social media and texting. We’re hoping to see them again next winter in Florida.”

Do you have a favorites story or memory you would like to share about your travels?” One of my favorite things that we did was visiting an archaeological dig on our very first trip to Williamsburg, VA. It was pretty cool. While in Florida, we went on a guided Trike Bike tour through Old Naples. That was also really fun.”


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