Celebrating The Jacobys This National Customer Appreciation Day.

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Today is National Customer Appreciation Day. We are celebrating by highlighting the Jacobys, two-time #TSRVFamily members! Last summer they traded in their first RV, a Grand Design 2019 Imagine, for a Grand Design Reflection 312BHT, looking for some extra room for summer camping. Each year Monica, Earl III, their granddaughter, and their dog Willow look forward to the time they spend merry-making with friends in Pine Cradle Lakes in Rome, PA.

Monica was kind enough to share some details about their RV purchasing experience, how they chose their unit, and why RV life works for them. Read the interview here: 

  • How did you become interested in RV travel? We have been camping for over ten years. Our favorite campground is in Rome PA, where we rented a cabin for one week each year before we purchased our RV. Me, my husband Earl, and my granddaughter, who was three at the time, absolutely loved it there. By the time our granddaughter turned five, she had found a best friend, and we have been sharing our vacation week with them ever since.
  • What do you love most about your RV? I love our RV because it’s our HOME while we are on the road. 
  •  What was your purchasing experience with us like? When we finally decided to buy our first RV, after years of talking about buying one, we decided to purchase from our local dealership, which of course was, Tom Schaeffer’s RV. We made the right choice! We walked through the doors and were greeted warmly by the receptionist. From the start, everyone treated us like we were important. Our salesman Sean was the best! He took his time and listened to us talk about what we wanted in an RV, and delivered one spot-on.

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  • Why did you choose your specific RV Model? Our first RV was the perfect fit for us at the time. This past September we decided to trade it in for a 312BHT and love it! We gained a second bedroom also known as a bunkhouse, and an outside kitchen, a must for my husband.
  • What do you love most about RV Travel and the RV Life Style? There is nothing more relaxing than being outdoors enjoying the fresh air away from our day-to-day routine. We love meeting new people, making new friends, and spending time with friends and loved ones we have known for years. 
  •  What was the most beautiful site you saw on your travels? We love Pine Cradle Lakes in Rome, PA. We stay on the lake, and the campsites are all nestled in the woods.
  •  Have you met any new friends through your travels? We meet several friends through our travels.
  •  Do you have a favorite story or memory you would like to share about your travels? The friendship we made with a couple at Pine Cradle Lakes, our memories with them continue to grow each year. Every year we share a week of vacation with them and keep in touch throughout the year. We have a special friendship for sure. It’s been ten years so far!

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