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2023 Coachmen RV Clipper Trailer | Tom Schaeffer’s in PA

Whether you’re going with friends, family, or for a solo adventure, there’s one thing you want to do when you take a camping trip, and that is to explore the great outdoors! No one wants to be stuck wrestling with difficult tents or fighting complicated campers when they could be taking in the beautiful scenery, relaxing in the quiet of nature, and enjoying their time. Choosing your equipment well can make all the difference in which kind of experience you have the next time you plan a trip, and the Coachmen RV Clipper camping trailer was designed to be just the thing you need– easy, comfortable, and endlessly convenient.

Seamless Transport, Simple Use

Easy is the name of the game with the Clipper camping trailer, and you’ll find that it applies to all aspects of traveling with this trailer! It’s easy to set up, easy to store, easy to transport, and easy to love. The Clipper’s aerodynamic profiles and clever engineering make them simple and stress-free to transport. Towing a trailer has never looked quite like this! When you arrive at your destination, setting up your Clipper camping trailer is remarkably fast and streamlined thanks to Coachmen’s patent pending Glide n’ Lock system. In an instant, you’ll be ready to go, never having to waste time and effort on your trailer when you could be enjoying yourself instead!

Ready for a Change of Pace?

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Outdoor Comfort

Combining the home-away-from-home comfort and luxury of a travel trailer with the outdoorsy charm of camping in a tent should be impossible, but the Coachmen Clipper accomplishes it seamlessly with pop-up panels and modern amenities to give you the best of both worlds. Deep sinks, spacious refrigerators, powerful heating and cooling systems, and comfortable beds all come together to allow you to depend on the necessities of comfort being right at your fingertips. It’s easy to enjoy your stay at the campground, forest, mountainside, or any other locale when you have the Clipper camping trailer with you.

An Option for Everyone

Are you a single traveler, or are you planning to have a large group come along with you? Are you an ambitious chef who wants lots of kitchen space, or would you prefer a larger living area with lots of room to lounge and relax? The list of questions that will tell what kind of camping trailer you need on your journeys is a long one, and when you choose the Coachmen Clipper camping trailer, you’ll find that there’s an option to fit every kind of camper and traveler out there. With a dozen different floorplan options and available packages and add-ons for even more customization, it’s never been so easy to find a trailer that suits your own individual needs to a T.

With everything you need to enjoy the destination just as much as the journey, the Coachmen RV Clipper camping trailer is ready for you? Want to learn more? Tom Schaeffer’s Camping and Travel Center is ready to help you! Contact us today for more information. You can also take a look at our online inventory to see what we currently have in stock, or visit us in person in Shoemakersville, PA.

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