The Bresslers hustle to get the campground ready!


The Bresslers hustle to get the campground ready for the New Hampshire camping season and still manage to find time for adventures. Here’s what they have to say: Being a workamper and helping to get a campground prepared for opening day is hard work! Leaves need raking, picnic tables moved, rental units cleaned, the campground store organized and restocked, not to mention a new reservation system to learn and campground rules to remember! Whew! The campground has been open for guests now for two weeks, and so far things are running smoothly.  

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While the work is enjoyable, we really look forward to our two days off together to explore the White Mountains of New Hampshire! We love to hike and this area has hundreds of trails to choose from. Here are just a few of the beautiful sites we have had to privilege of visiting so far. Enjoy the pictures!

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