Friday Family Check In with Champing Adventures


Meet Champing Adventures, also known as the Coughlan family. Pete, Alicia, Liam, and Payson, plus two dogs are the newest members of our #familyfridaycheckin blog series. In just five days they hit the road full time in their Grand Design Solitude 378 MBS-R purchased from us just last week! We welcome them to the #TSRVFamily and wish them safe travels on their journey. We can’t wait to see where the road takes them. Learn more about them below:

#FamilyFridayCheckin with Champing Adventures 

We sold our sticks and bricks a year and a half ago and moved to a relative’s property. It was temporarily until we found a new home. Over that time we took advantage of getting out as often as we could. It became more evident that on our travels back to home base, we wanted to just keep going.

We have been camping as a family for four years now and love it. It’s great to spend time as a family and get away from everyday life and explore new places. Our family loves to be outside especially when the weather is nice. The boys love playing with their trucks in the dirt, fishing, and playing in the water.

Our name Champing Adventures started when our youngest son who was 2 at the time couldn’t say camping or camper correctly. He had a cute toddler speech and would always say champer or champing. We thought it was cute and that’s how we became Champing Adventures!

We took a job offer that requires us to travel the country and we couldn’t be more excited to start our new adventure. It’s tough leaving those you love behind but the great thing is that we live in a world of technology so we can still communicate!

We hope you follow along with us on our new adventures. We will take you to places that hopefully soon you’ll get to visit as well!

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